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Marni Freedman’s "Secrets to Writing Great Character & Dialogue"

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Marni is back with this popular workshop! Take it again, or take it for the first time! She’ll be adding to the previous workshop but anyone and all levels are welcome.

In this fun, fast-paced workshop you will learn more secrets and techniques from the professionals about crafting believable and unforgettable characters as well as dynamic dialogue out of thin air.

In this course you will learn further how to implement tools such as

  • The FOUR STEP SECRET to creating a real and compelling character. Once you learn this easy formula, you will use it over and over again. Most importantly, you will walk away knowing how to create a compelling character in four easy steps!
  • Inflate-a-Character-Quick: which will teach you how to contact your character’s inner life and is guaranteed to breathe life into any flat character!
  • The Stale Test: which will give you a guideline to guage your character’s freshness and push you to make your characters more original.
  • The Pop-up Principle: which will teach you a twist on characterization that will enable you to write characters that get noticed and STAND OUT!
  • The Page-Turning Secret: how to write dialogue that sounds true to life and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. (Includes use of conflict, building tension, and how to enter and exit any scene.)
  • Pop-Off-the-Page: 3 easy steps to making your dialogue seriously fresh and original (including a ring-true test and using humor).
  • Revealing Character: explore the marriage of character and dialogue. Learn how dialogue springs from character. If you use this tool, your characters will be telling you what to say.

This workshop is ideal for both the BEGINNER and the more skilled writer. You can use these tools for every type of writing, including fiction, non-fiction, plays or screenplays.

Marni Freedman is a produced, published and award winning writer. After graduating as an award winning student from the USC School of Filmic Writing, Marni began her career with her play, “Two Goldsteins on Acid,” which was produced in Los Angeles.  She worked as a script doctor for Fox Searchlight, Disney, and other film companies and worked as a script agent for the Mary Sue Seymour Agency.  One of her plays was made into a film, “Playing Mona Lisa,” and was produced by Disney. She has published articles in several magazines and online sites, worked as a ghost writer for a “how to” book series and is currently in demand as a book editor and script doctor.  Currently, around San Diego, you can find Marni teaching writing workshops at San Diego Writers Ink, UCSD Extension and running the popular San Diego Screenwriter’s group, The Writer’s Circle.