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Terry Cronin Reads from The Skinvestigator

Date: Tuesday, July 19 Time: 7pm Number of sessions: 1 Members: Free Nonmembers: Free Location: The Ink Spot, 710 13th St., STE 210, San Diego, CA 92101

The sign in front of Harry’s office read “The Poe Skin Cancer Center”; It should have said “Here Comes Trouble!” Dermatologist and family man, Doctor Harry Poe, is dragged into a murder investigation and finds himself hip-deep in the unexpected world of illicit cosmetic surgery, tattoos, and flesh.

Praise for The Skinvestigator: Tramp Stamp

“Behold Dr. Harry Poe, a hardboiled dermatologist detective…” – Skin & Allergy News

“Dr. Harry Poe vibes authentic throughout and really is a new and original addition to the pantheon of Florida-based semi-detectives. Cronin thoroughly delivers, writing with the intelligence of MacDonald, the too-cool attitude of Leonard, and the heart of Hiassen. This series oozes with promise.” Andrew Allan, producer of the motion pictures “Brainjacked” and “The Uh-Oh Show”.

“Dermatologists are the perfect detectives” –

“A juicy hardback mystery” – Florida Today

“Skincredible” – Dr. Stephen MacDonald – Artist, Harvard-trained physician, and Occupational Medicine specialist

Terry Cronin has been a lifeguard, a resident adviser, an actor, a radio disc jockey, a singer, an independent filmmaker, a comic book writer, and a physician. He is the creator of the critically acclaimed horror adventure series Students of the Unusual. He has lived in California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington and currently resides in Florida with his wife and three sons. Readers can visit his website at or join him on Facebook.