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I hope you know, but in case you don’t, San Diego Writers, Ink is grateful for you year-round. Here are a few things that come to mind when I think of gratitude:

  • We’re thankful to everyone who attends our classes and workshops  and we strive to meet your needs as writers; whether in skill level, genre, time of day or length of class. If there is another class or workshop you’d like to see offered, let us know.
  • We’re thankful to everyone who submits to our contests and Anthology. Because of your brilliant writing (and our thoughtful editors), A Year in Ink Vol. 3 won Best Anthology at the San Diego Book Awards! This year we’re adding a Valentine’s Day contest.
  • We’re thankful for all our community organization partners who help maximize the impact of literary programming in San Diego.
  • We’re thankful for all the writers who make room to write. We know how hard it is to commit time to writing on a regular basis and we’re honored by all the words written, sentences created, plots woven and characters developed at the Ink Spot. We’ve extended our weekday writing hours through December (and hopefully beyond that!).
  • We’re thankful for all the writers who come to our regular drop-in groupsTuesday Brown Bag just celebrated its’ 18th Birthday! And Thursday Writers published an Anthology to celebrate their 5th birthday. Our newest Pen to Paper La Jolla Brown Bag group is growing every week, too. Thank you for showing up when you can and writing with us.
  • We’re thankful for all our instructors who bring their A-games to their classes and workshops, through their creativity, flexibility and experience.
  • We’re thankful for all the volunteers who run our Board, write our blogs, man (and woman) our Room To Write, woman our Book Club, woman our Facebook and Twitter pages, curate our wall space, read all the entries for the Anthology, copy-edit our anthology, help us set-up at events, help us clean up at events, fundraise at Blazing Laptops, throw us parties, and all the other millions of little (and big!) things you volunteer for.

Today, on Thanksgiving, let me thank you for the other 364 days I’m grateful for you. We’re working on partnering with local bookstores and coffee shops, as well as writing conferences, magazines and other literary folks to offer SDWI members discounts and specials. San Diego Writers, Ink is honored you partner with us to give life to San Diego’s literary community. We work to earn that honor every day.

Thank you.

Kelli Wescott

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