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Who Am I? Amy Locklin the New ED Asks

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Blog, Fresh Ink | 4 comments


In my poem “‘What Am I?’ A Charades,” I write,

I weigh
more than a box
of books.

When thinking about how to introduce myself to the San Diego writing community as SDWI’s new Executive Director, I decided I find it less daunting to describe what I am than who I am. Categories of identity proliferate, whereas identity itself . . . Well, you can fill in the blanks.


I am a self-identified animalist, believing the world would be a better place if humans conceived of themselves within the animal kingdom rather than above it.  I am a teacher, an innovator, a problem solver.  My Myers-Briggs test results recommend I become a private detective, about which my mother has remarked, “Yes. Why don’t you do that?!”  Instead I am a detective of nonprofit administration, of creative writing, of instruction, and I also write about one particular PI. I consider myself a humorist, a conversationalist. I sing, I dance, sometimes in public. I am a beginning songwriter and have written two and one-half songs.


I experience life largely through my family, here in San Diego, Stella the dog, Dexter and Nelly the cats, and the human Rex (Rex might not be thrilled to come last, but I would remind him about syntactical emphasis in endings).  Before moving here I had to send one cat, my most recent reformed stray, to live with my brother and his wife in Toronto.  I named her Edith after Edith Piaf because she consumed all things including physical love very compulsively.  (Apparently she continues this behavior in Canada, being a charming addition to my family there.) Lastly, though we speak from time to time on the phone, I had to leave the one bird I love in Indiana, my home of many years.


I followed my husband to San Diego, who arrived in November 2011 to begin his position as COO of the Museum of Man in Balboa Park. In late May 2012 we made the drive out together with our two remaining cats and dog and all my belongings we could squeeze into our Honda Fit; and I was thrilled to be called about the ED position at the SDWI approximately one month later.


As to my professional identity, you can find my credentials on our web page About/Who We Are.  In brief, for four years I directed the IU Writers’ Conference—the second oldest such conference in the country.  I received my MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry – but I am truly opportunistic about genre. I have just published a poetry chapbook called The Secondary Burial and last year I edited and published a sci fi and fantasy short fiction anthology, Altered States* (I see poetry and these genres as intrinsically connected). I’m currently editing a second short fiction anthology called Law and Disorder.  My poem “Desired Inventions” can be found in the online journal Clementine Magazine, Issue 5.


But as to who I am individually, at root, at core, in the glue that binds all the parts of me together?  The question remains a door, opening.



*On Saturday, Oct 13 beginning at 7pm at the Ink Spot I will read from my chapbook and published fiction anthology as part of our Fall for Writing Conference special events; my reading will be followed by an open mic featuring conference participants.  Come join us!


  1. Judy Reeves says:

    I’m glad you opened that door a crack, Amy, to let us know a little bit about you. Big old Inkster Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

  2. Clay Remington says:

    Hi Amy. I have no idea if you have time to answer this sort of email…I was wondering if there was any repository of information about illustrators in SD Writer’s Ink? I’ve written some children’s fables and need someone who’s kind of classic, realistic, and not too cartoony.

    Any thoughts?



    • Amy says:

      Clay, I’m not sure that we have a list of illustrators–though my next-door neighbor is one . . . I was thinking we should maybe offer an illustration workshop or at least develop a list of possible illustrators. Great idea! It may take a little while to get the wheels rolling on this process, however, with so much going on. Thanks!

      And thanks, Judy, for your kind message!


    • SDWI says:

      Hi Clay. I have the name and email of an illustrator to send you. Email me at for the info. Thanks! Amy

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