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07/21 Words and Sentences with Drusilla Campbell

Date: Sunday, July 21, 2013 Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm Number of sessions: 1 -- One day class! Members: $30 Nonmembers: $36 Location: The NEW Ink Spot, NTC at Liberty Station, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106

WORDS and SENTENCES: Part of Drusilla Campbell’s “Writers’ Spark Plug” series!
Often, fiction writers concentrate so much on building plots and developing characters that they forget the most basic elements of prose: carefully chosen words and sentences that sing as they move the story forward. Bring a laptop, a computer, a few pages of writing and a Thesaurus if you have one, and we’ll work together to spark your prose with clear, vivid and memorable words and sentences. A good sentence is a good sentence and sometimes it’s a beautiful sentence no matter what the genre, so this class is suitable for all writers at all levels. The only prerequisite is a desire to write well.

Drusilla Campbell is the author of more than fifteen novels, short stories, and essays including two recent best sellers, The Good Sister and Blood Orange. Her most recent novel Little Girl Gone, inspired by the story of Jaycee Dugard, is widely available in bookstores and online. Drusilla is the creator of NOVELCRAM, an intensive two-day course for aspiring novelists. For the last twenty years she has taught all aspects of novel writing at The Writing Center, The Ink Spot, and writing conferences, helping writers to connect the dots between a great idea and a great book. Visit her website.




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