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Weekly: Write Now! An Online Daily Support and Accountability Group for Writers with Sandra Millers Younger

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“So I didn’t finish my manuscript again last year. But things will be different this year.”

“Maybe I’ll join a read and critique group. Then I’ll be forced to write a few pages every week, even if I end up doing it all the night before, which I probably will.”

“Sure, I know I should write every day, but I don’t have time. Or I can’t get motivated. Or I feel too overwhelmed.”

Sound familiar? Ready to flip that script and crush your writing goals in 2017? Then set yourself up for success with a structured, scientifically proven approach to completing big projects.

Forget the old “procrastinate, then cram” method. Research shows the best way to turbo-charge your productivity and finish what you start is with small, consistent actions—as little as 15 minutes a day—plus daily support and accountability.

Write Now! brings these best practices to writers everywhere in a unique, online coaching program designed by a psychologist. Here’s what’s included:

· Introductory teleclass to explain principles and process.
· Daily accountability check-ins with a writing coach and small group of supportive peers (10 or fewer) at a protected online site.
· Daily questions that help you reflect on what went well and what was challenging, and enable your group to encourage and support you.
· Weekly office hours with your writing coach.
· Graphable cumulative data to help track and celebrate your progress.
· Option to remain anonymous by choosing a nickname.
· Renewable 4-week sessions.

Hasn’t your book waited long enough? Bring it to life in 2017. Join us and Write Now!

sandrayoungerFacilitator and coach Sandra Millers Younger is a career journalist, writing teacher and author of “The Fire Outside My Window: A Survivor Tells the True Story of California’s Epic Cedar Fire.” Visit her online at