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Write or Die by Abriana Marshall, SDWI Intern

Posted by on Nov 26, 2017 in Blog, Fresh Ink | Comments Off on Write or Die by Abriana Marshall, SDWI Intern


It’s the November already! Maybe this year you said, I’m finally going to sit down and write that story. Since we’re now near the end of November, let me ask you: How’s been it going? Are you losing your mojo? Forget to write or sat down and stared into the abyss of a blank page for who knows how long? Yeah, that’s me right now. But I’ve got a website that might help you out. It’s call Write or Die.

Write or Die helps writers put words on a page by rewarding you for writing or punishing you for not. There is a free version and a paid version. I use the free version because although it has fewer options, it’s enough to keep you writing. Set your word count goal, how long you will spend writing, and whether you will be in Consequence, Stimulus, or Kamikaze Mode. It’s these mode types that make the website so fun!

Stimulus mode will set up a nice comfortable environment for you to write in—at least until you stop writing; in the free version, this means positive or neutral background music and in the paid this means music and nice background image. Consequence Mode uses a more aggressive motivation—if you stop writing, the computer will scream at you. That’s right, some kind of horrifying sound will assault you. In the paid version, you can pick the sound and even get a creepy image to pop up on the screen but in the free version it’s just a random noise. I like doing this one in Starbucks with no headphones on. It gives an extra incentive to write or else everyone will be starring at you. Kamikaze is the one mode I never use. Because if you stop writing in this mode, it will start to erase what you’ve written! I’m not brave enough to try that one. Maybe one day.

Hopefully this website helps you meet your goals and help you get over the biggest hurtle in writing—the blank page.